Siemens Hearing Instruments has unveiled new iMini, a tiny hearing instrument that can be inserted far enough into the ear that it is virtually unseen.

The iMini is the smallest custom-made, hearing aid offered by Siemens in 45 years of making custom products.

The iMini, available in 12 stylish colors, also features Siemens Hearing Instruments BestSound Technology for greater hearing comfort, even in difficult noise environments.

The iMini digital hearing aid is designed to fit deeper into the wearer’s ear than other hearing instruments, but does not sacrifice comfort for invisibility because it sits in the bendable, cartilaginous portion of the ear canal.

Siemens said the iMini is meticulously assembled, shaped and finished by hand, utilizing miniature components that are optimally positioned with the help of Siemens computer-aided design software.

The iMini also has FeedbackStopper and SoundSmoothing, which includes a speech and noise management system to automatically reduce background noise while isolating and enhancing speech.