Siemens Healthcare will introduce a new angiography system optimized for broad clinical utilization at the 99th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), 1 December through December 6 2013 in Chicago.

Artis one is designed for routine interventions, including revascularizations of peripheral arterial or venous occlusions, functional tests of dialysis shunts in patients with kidney failure, diagnostic angiographies of narrowed coronary arteries, and pacemaker implantations.

Despite being floor-mounted, the Artis one is similar in positioning flexibility to ceiling-mounted systems and requires substantially less space: The new system occupies only 269ft2, compared to the traditional 484ft2 required by ceiling-mounted systems.

Artis one features several axes that users can move independently of one other, enabling physicians and hospital staff to easily position the system where needed – regardless of where they are standing.

Artis one covers body heights of up to 6ft, 10 inches without the need for patient repositioning, even for peripheral vessel imaging. When necessary, the system allows free access to the patient’s head, enabling optimal care during the procedure.

Buttons on the Artis one’s tableside console are tactile and can be manipulated easily even under the sterile covering. Since the on-screen menu allows the physician to navigate directly using the heads-up display, all information regarding the procedure remains directly in front of the operator.

The system’s comfortable 30-inch display size delivers images up to 90% larger than conventional 19-inch monitors.

Previously available only with Siemens’ premium family Artis Q and Artis Q.zen, Artis one’s Clearstent Live application for interventional cardiology allows the physician to mask out movement of the eating heart and enable stent placement in precisely the correct position.

Artis one is also equipped with ‘Megalix’ X-ray tube of the Artis zee system family, featuring flat emitter technology.

Using a tube current of up to 250 mA, the Artis one generates images of outstanding quality and high-contrast resolution. To keep physician and patient radiation exposure as low as possible, Artis one offers the most extensive feature set for dose reduction of any angiography system on the market.

By using 20% less energy than Siemens’ Artis zee floor, Artis one also helps reduce operational costs. This feat is achieved primarily through components manufactured by Siemens for industry automation.

Artis one is available in multiple configurations that are tailored to fit a broad range of clinical requirements.