Siemens Hearing Instruments has launched a digital hearing protection tool, SecureEar, for gun enthusiasts, which fits snugly in the ear canal and provides protection from gun shots.

The device also incorporates software that amplifies the sounds to hear conversations with companions or movement in the woods.

The SecureEar device dampens loud sounds that can cause hearing damage, and is ideal for clay pigeon shooting, wild fowling and small or large bore shotguns or rifles.

Additionally the device incorporates acoustic telescope technology that amplifies sounds important for hunting or stalking, such as rustling leaves or breaking twigs.

Siemens Hearing Instruments Audiology head Wendy Davies said good eyesight and a steady hand are essential when shooting but it is important to protect hearing from the loud, intense bangs that can reach levels of over 100 decibels.

"SecureEar combines digital technologies that stop what can damage the inner ear yet at the same time interpret and amplify the softer sounds around you," Davies said.

The device comes in natural skin tone colours and can be complemented by an antibacterial Aloe Vera gel for smooth and comfortable wear.