HearLab was developed by Harvey Dillon of National Acoustic Laboratory (NAL) and is manufactured by Frye Electronics.

The system offers a non-invasive and accurate way to test patients that cannot state if they hear sounds via traditional audiology testing routes.

The HearLab test process involves electrodes being placed on the patient’s head to measure Cortical Auditory Evoked Potential (CAEP) electrical activity in the brain when sounds are heard.

The test offers the advantage to clinicians to perform tests on small children that have not yet developed language skills and adults who are disabled or unwilling to participate in normal audiometric tests.

HearLab assists with Aided Cortical Assessment (ACA) and Cortical Threshold Estimate (CTE).

Siemens Hearing Instruments business development manager Rob Ryman said HearLab provides clinicians with an easy-to-use tool and requires minimal training or experience in doing cortical assessments.

"In the field of audiology it opens the potential for enhanced diagnosis in young patients at an earlier age and also offers an alternative solution to examine disabled or difficult to test patients," Ryman said.