The Mobilett Mira is compact and lightweight in design making it easy to fit between the confined cubicles of A&E or patients beds.

It is motor powered to assist with imaging outside of the radiology department in wards or ITU where patients cannot be moved.

The Mobilett Mira combines the advantages of a mobile digital X-ray imaging with the flexibility of a wireless detector to allow precise positioning and speed up examination workflow.

The image data processed in seconds can then easily be stored and transferred wirelessly to and from the hospital PACS system enabling the entire clinical workflow to be shared and stored.

The imaging capability of the Mobilett Mira is comparable to a stationary system delivering over seven million pixels boasting high imaging power per footprint.

The batteries of both the Mobilett Mira and detector are automatically charged with a single central mechanism, making it simple to recharge as required.

It also features a battery-saving ECO-Mode, which enables radiographers to use up to 25% less energy.

Siemens Healthcare special products manager Lynn Blackburn said the Mobilett Mira is one of the smallest mobile X-ray systems currently available on the market and offers radiographers the versatility of a rotating swivel arm and wireless detector to gain rapid, detailed images for interpretation and diagnosis.

"Wireless flexibility is safer in operation and gives seamless digital data transfer into PACS to digitise the entire clinical workflow journey," Blackburn said.