Si-Bone, a medical device provider of a minimally invasive surgical (MIS) devices to treat the sacroiliac (SI) joint, has launched training for its iFuse Implant System and anticipates CE mark at anytime.

The iFuse Implant System comes with titanium implants coated with a porous plasma spray that acts as an interference surface fit, which helps to decrease implant motion.

The iFuse has a substantial thickness and sophisticated metallurgy, which provide immediate post-operative fixation, accomplishing the goal of traditional open SI Joint fusion through an MIS approach.

Si-Bone plans to introduce the iFuse Implant System in the EU at the upcoming Eurospine Meeting in Vienna.

Si-Bone president and CEO Jeff Dunn said that the iFuse Implant System provides spine surgeons with a unique minimally invasive surgical approach to SI joint fixation/fusion. The CE mark will allow the EU team to develop a presence in selected EU markets to address the needs of physicians committed to treating patients with SI joint problems.

“Si-Bone looks forward to entering these markets because we offer the only technology which provides an MIS solution to treat these SI joint conditions,” Dunn said.