Shrink Nanotechnologies has entered into an agreement to produce a high content screening software tool, Stemage, for its biotech R&D subsidiary, Shrink Chips.

Shrink said that Stemage software will be launched with StemDisc products for developing intuitive and integrated bio-informatics database to facilitate the acquisition and sharing of three-dimensional (3D) imaging and data to predict for culturing embryoid bodies (EBs) and other cellular structures.

Shrink Nanotechnologies CEO Mark Baum said that Shrink’s bio-informatics tool will be downloaded as a plug-in to existing scope platforms to aid in automated image analysis and helps to extract 3D models of cell locations and concentrations of gene products of interest, providing a global repository for data processing, storing and analysis of specific cell culturing models.

Shrink plans to begin testing of the image acquisition aspect of the Stemage software which will allow the user to center microscope over the StemDisc and have the software locate all of the individual microwells within the StemDisc system.

Shrink said that with the use of the system, the manual processes involved in data acquisition will be eliminated saving the user time with additional features and protocols for staining and imaging EBs in three dimensions are being finalised.