Shine’s algorithm was built in partnership with fertility experts at Reproductive Medical Associates of New York.

The app is one of the leading apps on the market to adapt to a user’s personal needs of trying to avoid pregnancy or trying to conceive (TTC) while tracking and maintaining her data and offering personalized content for each experience.

Complete with insightful articles, data-driven tips, interactive polls and interesting facts about period tracking and the TTC journey, Shine simplifies the process of period and fertility tracking with a fresh, intuitive design and experience made specifically for the millennial woman.

Applying user-inputted data, Shine learns the unique patterns of each woman’s menstrual cycle and predicts when she can expect to be fertile and on her period. It provides easy-to-use tools to record symptoms, moods, sexual activity, basal body temperature, cervical fluid and more. Through clear data visualizations and graphics, users learn how their body is impacted by their menstruation and ovulation.

"We’re thrilled to extend The Bump platform to support women and their personal health, whether simply tracking their period or trying to conceive, with one of the simplest apps in the fertility and trying to conceive category," said Julia Wang, site director of The Bump.

"No other period and fertility tracking app offers the amount of personal health and trying to conceive content in a real, tell-it-like-it-is voice, which women have come to love on The Bump."

Shine gives women the power to take charge of their health by providing timely information about their cycle and fertility each day, as well as collecting and saving historical data related to their cycle.

The app offers content and recommendations personalized to each woman’s cycle, tracking preferences and interests in an easy-to-use and modern mobile experience. For those used to inputting several points of personal health data and culling through cumbersome results to track their cycle, Shine is the answer to the need for a simplified user experience that tracks your cycle and allows you to plan ahead.