Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-tech (OOST) has completed the acquisition of US medical diagnostics firm Avioq, for around $65m.

Based in North Carolina, Avioq is engaged in the development and marketing of immunodiagnostic products.

The company’s products include FDA approved HIV-1 and FDA licensed HTLV-I/II test kits, which will be used to screen serum and plasma from blood donor.

Its CE-marked products comprise of biochemiluminescence-based Flu A/B diagnosis test, a rapid influenza virus drug resistance test and an oral fluid collection device.

The company is also engaged in the development of fourth generation HIV-1/2/Ag test and HIV profile assay to detect and estimate antibody levels directed to different gene products of HIV-1 and HIV-2.|

In addition, the firm provides contract research, development and manufacturing services for diagnostic test kits and biomaterials to third parties.

Avioq CEO Chamroen Chetty said: "We are very excited about the increased opportunities to grow our business in cooperation with OOST.

"We have the experience and expertise; now we have strong backing to make our mutual goals become reality."