Shady Grove Fertility, a fertility and IVF center in the US, has opened Center for Fertility Preservation, offering a new technology in egg freezing.

Shady Grove Fertility claimed that the new technology named ‘flash freezes’ increases chances of woman having her own biological children well past the age of peak fertility.

Shady Grove Fertility said that the unpredictable results and lower pregnancy rates resulted in using older techniques. The unpredictable outcomes prevented most fertility centers from routinely offering the technology to women who wanted to proactively freeze and store their eggs for future use.

The Center for Fertility Preservation, along with other fertility centers across the US, is able to offer a new egg freezing technique known as Vitrification. Vitrification is a flash freezing technique which protects eggs from injury during the freezing and subsequent thawing process. The new experience at Shady Grove Fertility and other groups has demonstrated improved pregnancy rates compared to outcomes when using the now outdated, slow egg freezing methods.

Robert Stillman, medical director of Shady Grove Fertility Center, said: “A woman’s ability to conceive is largely dependant on the age of her eggs. Fertility is naturally declining with age, but the chances of getting pregnant drop off sharply after age 35. By the time she reaches her early 40’s there is only a very small chance of achieving a healthy, natural pregnancy and delivery.”