Sequenom, a provider of genetic analysis solutions, has entered into a licensing agreement with LifeCodexx for the commercialization of prenatal laboratory testing services in Europe.

The partnership was made to develop and launch trisomy 21 test and other aneuploidies testing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Under the initial five year licensing agreement, Sequenom has granted LifeCodexx licenses to develop and commercialize a non-invasive aneuploidy test using circulating cell free fetal DNA in maternal plasma.

LifeCodexx will make an upfront and minimum annual royalty payments to Sequenom as well as royalties based on sales of testing services, as per the agreement.

Sequenom chairman and CEO Harry Hixson said this agreement enables them to extend the licensing rights to their proprietary testing modality internationally.

LifeCodexx CEO Michael Lutz said they are now in a strong position to exploit the clinical utility and proprietary science behind the noninvasive detection of trisomy 21 and other aneuploidies using shotgun sequencing as initially developed by Dennis Lo and his team.