Sensus Healthcare has installed its first SRT-100+ system at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery in Orlando, Florida, for treating keloid scars.


Image: Sensus Healthcare’s SRT-100. Photo: Courtesy of Sensus Healthcare

Earlier this year, Sensus received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its new SRT-100+, which adds several innovative features to Sensus’ existing SRT-100 product for non-melanoma skin cancer and keloid treatment.

Hillcrest Plastic Surgery medical director and board-certified plastic surgeon Kenrick Spence said: “Keloids not only have a high recurrence rate, but they also significantly affect a person’s confidence and quality of life.

“As such, our team is constantly looking for better ways to treat patients who are afflicted with keloids in the most non-invasive, painless way possible. Once we heard about the SRT-100+ it became a must-have for our practice given its best-in-class live lesion and patient monitoring systems, integration with electronic medical records and myriad other new features to improve outcomes. We look forward to treating patients with the SRT-100+ and providing an important option for the treatment and prevention of keloids.”

The SRT-100+ offers all the same features as the SRT-100, with the addition of:

An expanded energy range for customized, more precise treatment

Remote diagnostics, including operation tracking

New X-ray tube with extended functionality and performance

Advanced console and enhanced system mobility to optimize clinical practice

Sensus Healthcare CEO Joe Sardano said: “Sensus is committed to constantly innovating and creating solutions that are truly life-changing for people all over the world, and we have listened closely to both doctor and patient feedback to create the sophisticated SRT-100+ to ensure patient safety and comfort.

“Keloids are very common and can develop in any place where trauma occurs, especially after surgery. Both doctors and patients need an effective solution to treat keloids and keep them away once and for all. Dr. Spence is the kind of physician customer we value, with his dedication to providing best-in-class options for his patients with keloids and other scars.”

Source: Company Press Release