SensAble Technologies, a privately held provider of 3D modeling software, haptic devices and dental restoration design and fabrication solutions, has achieved dental sales milestone during its second quarter ending June 30, driven by its integrated SensAble Dental Lab System (SDLS).

Reportedly, the company said that as dental labs adopt digital technologies, the sales of SensAble’s systems increased across all geographies. The company has also added new SensAble Authorized Production Centers (SAPCs) labs that produce restorations for their own dentists, as well as provide scan, design and fabrication services to other labs in Korea, Japan, Canada and the US.

SensAble partly attributes its dental sales to the increasing demand for partial dentures, which are gaining favor as Baby Boomers age and the economy is driving patients to seek better options than dental implants.

Beyond its dental business, SensAble has also posted increased sales for its FreeForm 3D modeling solution, used to digitally design complex, organically shaped products, and its Phantom haptic (force feedback) devices used in medical simulation, training and other computing applications where a sense of touch provides a highly realistic user experience.

Henry Babichenko, owner of Babichenko Dental Laboratory in Meridian, Idaho, said: “With the SensAble Dental Lab System, we’re designing restorations at least 70% faster and, the precision of the parts is incredible.

“It provides consistent fit across all of our restorations, because working on a virtual model eliminates the sources of imperfections that you might find in a manual wax-up. The system is reducing design and finishing time for us and chair time for our doctors. It is by far the most productive system in our lab, and has been a great investment.”

Bob Steingart, president of dental products at SensAble, said: “The speed at which labs are going digital to remain competitive is accelerating faster than any other market I’ve seen. With all of the changes facing labs, it’s important for them to select not just another CAD/CAM scanner, but a partner that is committed to helping them be successful and ensuring that their investment pays off in their transition to digital dentistry.

“We think this is one of the main things that differentiates SensAble. Yes, we have great products, and on top of that, we offer complete system integration that allows consistently fitting parts, and a level of customer support that is unparalleled in the dental lab industry. That really makes the difference to our labs.”