Select Data has created SmartScribe electronic medical record (EMR) which meets the meaningful use guidelines set forth by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while using a paperless chart.

The SmartScribe EMR product allows clinicians to capture all clinical data at the patient’s home whether on paper and/or electronic devices the ability to feed all information into an EMR for a patient’s chart and also populate an imaging system simultaneously.

In addition to capturing all required documentation the system allows for all miscellaneous papers relating to the patient to be stored electronically in the patient chart, eliminating the need for storage of future paper records by an agency.

Select Data CTO Jeff Brittain said they have created a product that allows for individuals with different levels of technological ability to have a singular location for accessing a patient’s medical record.

"This will allow all providers and others using this technology better results and outcomes due to the accessibility of the data which previously did not exist," Brittain said.