Seegene has developed a new real-time multiplex quantification molecular diagnostic testing technology.

The new technology is designed for the simultaneous detection and quantification of up to 20 analytes on an existing 4-channel real-time instrument.

Seegene founder, CTO and CEO Jong-Yoon Chun said the technology represents a new class of molecular diagnostics technology that for the first time delivers highly multiplexed quantitative tests that can be run on potentially any real-time instrument.

"Using this new technology as their core MoDx technology, a wide variety of life science firms can develop comprehensive multiplexed diagnostic tests that can both detect and quantify all possible analytes in a single tube," Chun added.

"By enabling the quantification of multiple targets, the technology opens vast new and previously unimagined possibilities for new molecular tests."

The company said it will introduce the first assay based on the technology at the 2012 AACC Annual Meeting held between 15-19 July 2012 in Los Angeles, California, US.

The assay will detect, differentiate and quantitate 19 high risk and 9 low risk Human Papilloma Virus genotypes.