Seegene, a South Korea-based medical devices company, has developed QuantPlex RV-16 Assay for the quantification of 21 respiratory viral pathogens associated with respiratory diseases.

The multiplex quantification assay will enable physicians to develop personalised medicine regimens for patients by providing the specific information needed to guide patient treatment decisions.

Seegene founder, CTO and CEO Jong-Yoon Chun said the multiplex quantification of viral load by PCR will facilitate a better understanding of viral pathogenesis and will provide information to allow true patient specific personalized care.

"Using these types of tests, clinicians will be able to expand the questions that can be asked about a patient’s illness, thereby enhancing the physicians’ ability to provide accurate and data driven decisions for their patients," Chun added.

The QuantPlex RV-16 Assay leverages a multiplexed molecular PCR format, to quantify multiple targets, an dit is based on Seegene’s proprietary TOCE-CCMTA technology, a high multiplex quantitative PCR technology.

TOCE-CCMTA technology enables the simultaneous detection, differentiation and quantification of up to 20 analytes on an existing four-color instrument.