Sectra, a developer of IT systems and sevices for radiology, mammography and orthopaedics, has signed a multi-year agreement to provide its suite of integrated radiology IT solutions to Nashville General Hospital, Meharry, US.

The web-based, integrated RIS/PACS solutions for radiology, breast imaging and orthopaedics will allow the hospital to automate workflow, speed up image distribution and report turnaround, improving its service level and referring volume.

Nashville General Hospital Imaging Systems administrator/analyst Jason Vaughn said this end-to-end workflow management integrated with an intuitive interface and flexible tools will help us speed up the report turnaround, increase efficiencies and eliminate workarounds.

The RIS/PACS with embedded speech recognition will enable hospital medical staff and remote referring physicians to quickly and easily access reports and images online, and review reports with embedded key images.

The company will also develop bi-directional interfaces from its RIS/PACS solutions to the hospital information, order management, billing, electronic medical record and lab systems, as well as a data migration of up to 170,000 patient records.