Sectra has signed a five-year contract with the Norwegian care provider, Curato Røntgen AS, which allows Sectra to retain full responsibility for technology, management and service relating to Curato’s IT system, including its radiology IT solutions.

The total order value amounts to approximately EUR9.5m.

Curato is one of the Nordic region’s largest private care providers of radiological examinations, with 12 clinics located throughout Norway and one clinic in Sweden. Curato performs a total of about 600,000 examinations every year.

Since 2009, Curato has used Sectra’s complete solution for handling and communicating patient information (RIS) and radiology images (PACS). With the new contract, the customer will also gain access to new, advanced image-management functionality and the Sectra OneConnect service, which supports the secure sharing of images, even with clinics outside Curato’s own networks, thereby enhancing the possibilities for effective care.

"We are very satisfied with Sectra and pleased about the new contract. We are dependent on secure storage of our images, that they are available quickly and that we can easily communicate and share images between our clinics," says Erik Kreyberg Normann, CEO of Curato. "This is important for us as a supplier and for our patients, since they must be able to feel confident that their images are securely stored and available to our radiologists when they need them."

"Curato does not compromise on its demands regarding availability and functionality, since these are the requirements for the company’s ability to provide its patients with care of the highest quality," says Petter Østbye, head of Sectra’s medical IT operations in Scandinavia. "Demanding customers like Curato help Sectra to remain a future-secure supplier to the healthcare sector. We are highly gratified to have received the renewed confidence of Curato."