Vu a•POD prime nanometalene system is a zero-profile and standalone anterior lumbar interbody device, which can be configured in different footprint and lordosis combinations to be suited for an individual patient’s pathology.

The system, which provides multiple fixation options, has been designed to offer the benefits of a titanium surface and retain the benefits such as biocompatibility associated with traditional PEEK devices.

NanoMetalene will study a sub-micron layer of commercially pure titanium molecularly bonded to a PEEK-OPTIMA polymer from Invibio.

It can be used in a high-energy and low-temperature process that is different from other coating applications, as well as maximizes implant surface area with titanium nanotopography.

In addition, Vu a•POD Prime NanoMetalene implants are provided in individually sterile-packaged format to address individual surgeon preferences and simplify hospital processing requirements and inventory management.

Michigan-based city Dearborn’s Beaumont Hospital orthopedic surgeon Dr Nilesh Patel said: “The new lordosis options enable me to better recreate the patient’s natural alignment. 

“These features, particularly when combined with the NanoMetalene technology, should speed the healing process and improve long-term outcomes.”

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