BIBA Research said that the monitor on transcatheter heart valve was launched in coincidence with the TCT Conference in San Francisco previous year and represents the third-party investigation on market trends and penetration of transcatheter heart valve replacement and repair technologies in West Europe.

The monitor tracks quarterly device consumption from a panel of over 300 hospitals in 15 countries.

As per the research, Transcatheter (also known as percutaneous) heart valve implantation has one of the growth potentials in medical technology. The implantation of an aortic valve in humans was performed by Alain Cribier, French cardiologist, in 2002. Since then, transcatheter heart valve procedures have recorded constant double-digit growth on year, as an increasing number of centres have introduced this programme, offering a new therapeutic option to candidates not suitable for conventional surgery.

BIBA also reported that a discussion on transcatheter aortic valve replacement will be held on 12th April within the Complex Case Review session at the forthcoming edition of Charing Cross International Symposium.

Stephen Greenhalgh, managing director of BIBA, said: “This monitor reaches a very large number of institutions and provides valuable information to financial analysts and investors. The aim of this service is to provide clients with the key-information to make strategic decisions.”