ZyGEM’s line of nucleic acid extraction kits feature optimized formulations of proprietary enzymatic technologies that utilize a single-tube process to provide complete extraction of high quality DNA or RNA from specific sample types rapidly and cost effectively.

SDL is now working for KFSH&RC for developing and spinning-out new biotechnology companies.

KFSH&RC BioMolecular Research program director Khalid Khabar said at SDL, their commitment is to support the expansion of biomedical research in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East.

"Our relationship with ZyGEM, along with access to its DNA and RNA extraction technologies, will help SDL to rapidly develop and expand its product base and provide services at the cutting edge of science and technology," Khabar said.

ZyGEM CEO Paul Kinnon said this OEM agreement is the most recent example of their ongoing strategy of partnering with companies to bring the advantages of their accurate, fast and easy-to-use RNA and DNA extraction technologies to researchers worldwide.