The orbit and mandible array targeting system is a two-element coil dedicated to ultra-high resolution orbit and structures imaging. The shape of this coil provides for comfortable and consistent patient positioning.

It provides high-resolution images of orbits, including anatomies within the region of the mandible.

Semi-flexible design of the orbit and mandible array targeting system allows it to fit comfortably over the patient’s eyes or jaw. It can be strapped into place using the provided restraint strap and optional positioning pad.

This phased array coil can be configured to work on four, eight or higher channel count systems. The design uniquely offers improved signal to noise ratio needed for more aggressive protocols, including strabismus studies.

The orbit and mandible array targeting system has been designed to interface with an orbit targeting system. It provides a fiber optic illuminated target on which the patient focuses as directed/controlled by the MRI technologist.

Dr Omandi Nyong’o of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation noted that prior to ScanMed’s coil, with standard imaging it was impossible to attain adequate detail of structures within the orbit.

"I am delighted that my patients, especially with more complex orbital disease, have directly benefited from better diagnostic and therapeutic surgical care," Dr Nyong’o added.

ScanMed will introduce the groundbreaking new coil to the market at 2014 AAPOS (American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus) Annual Meeting in Palm Springs in April 2014.