Reportedly, Health Robotics South East Asia will open these two outsourcing centers within close distance to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital in fourth quarter of 2010 and the National Cancer Institute Thailand in first quarter of 2011, respectively.

The contracted plan for the outsourcing centers includes the purchase of CytoCare and i.v.STATION robotic devices, and logistics system that is in place for other medical supplies.

The assets will be complemented by Health Robotics South East Asia’s future selection of strategic partners for compounding services, IV consumables, and both generic and proprietary oncology medications to be used in the 2 centers, all currently in the process of vendor selection.

Werner Rainer, CEO of Health Robotics, said: “I’m very pleased that our South East Asia joint venture’s chemotherapy outsourcing and Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) strategies are beginning to produce outstanding results. I look forward to their future expansion to all government-owned hospitals in Malaysia and Thailand, as well as quick geographical expansion into other countries in the region, such as Singapore, India and Vietnam.

“We are firm believers that the ‘pay-per-dose’ outsourcing business model is an excellent fit for our best-in-class technology and workflow processes in the region, offering a win-win scenario to capital-starved public hospitals. We plan similar ‘pay-per-dose’ outsourcing business models wherever applicable, including selected countries in Western Europe”

Health Robotics is a supplier of intra-venous medication robots, providing healthcare facilities with robotics technology and software automation solutions deployed utilizing virtual high-availability technology.