The neurocognitive assessment is accessible via healthcare providers on any mobile device, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive pen-and-paper exams to screen for cognitive function. The solution – which expands the utility of cognitive data in critical ways – delivers usable, scalable data for brain function in domains such as working memory, executive function and impulse control.

“We are addressing a critical challenge in healthcare by solving how we assess mental health, specifically the cognitive and emotional function of patients on a large scale, despite limited budgets and insufficient numbers of trained specialists,” said Mylea Charvat, Ph.D. and founder of Savonix.

“Savonix has developed mobile tools that utilize critical cognitive data to better understand patients’ health, identify those at risk via Health Risk Assessments and improve outcomes at the individual and systems level in healthcare – all while saving time and money.”

Savonix was formed to build an affordable and accessible tool for cognitive testing. The company has created a way for providers, payers and patients to easily incorporate cognitive data in treatment planning and decisions at a fraction of the cost of traditional legacy testing.

Beyond digitizing gold standard cognitive tests, Savonix solves a critical piece of the patient care continuum. Studies have shown that cognition is a major predictor of outcomes in disorders as varied as depression, diabetes and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Officially launched in October of 2016, Savonix Mobile delivers healthcare providers a cost-effective and highly accessibly cognitive tool that captures the range of cognitive function from slight impairment to gross decline.

Access to data in this wide range is particularly useful in Health Risk Assessments as current tools that operate without a neuropsychologist capture only gross impairment; however, data shows that even mild impairment impacts treatment outcome in a variety of diseases. For instance, in diabetes mild cognitive impairment has been proven to negatively impact self-care in patients, from insulin-dosing skills to self-monitoring of blood sugar levels.

Using data from Savonix Mobile, clinicians can predict this type of behavior and build better treatment plans that dramatically affect the health outcomes of the patient.

In clinical trials a digital assessment of cognitive function reduces participant burden, eliminates the risk of missing or incorrect data and is a reliable outcome measure where cognition is a primary concern in the research.

Savonix delivers a more complete solution – without the expense of rater training and risk of human error – with a sophisticated dashboard that instantly transforms test results into usable data.

"Traditional cognitive testing is a lengthy and inefficient process. With Savonix we have found a simple and cost-effective way to gauge cognitive function as well as organize and store this data at the population level,” said Dr. Dov Biran, CEO of Fitango Health.

“As a population health management platform, the data Savonix’s technology delivers is invaluable. We’ve integrated their assessment into our workflows and will save significant time and money while improving patient care.”

Current license holders with Savonix include Fitango Health, NYU and CUNY. The Savonix mobile assessment is now available internationally via healthcare licenses and third-party partnerships.