Sanuwave Health has received the US patent 7,867,178 entitled 'Apparatus for Generating Shock Waves with Piezoelectric Fibers Integrated in a Composite', which provides the exclusive rights for human and animal treatment devices for the company.

The patent driven devices are those which use piezoelectric fibers to produce acoustic energy in the shock wave spectrum.

In Sanuwave’s PACE technology case, the fibers produce high-energy acoustic waves that travel outward from the source into bodily tissue, when they change the shape.

Piezoelectric fiber technology creates a small, easily targeted focal volume of energy, allowing PACE to focus the energy to a precise point in the targeted tissue while minimizing exposure to surrounding tissue.

Sanuwave president and CEO Christopher Cashman said this patent provides a competitive advantage for PACE technology in the US and the small size of the piezoelectric fibers will allow to miniaturize the treatment applicator, which will improve its applicability, ease of use, ergonomics and even disposability.

"These benefits along with the improved targeting ability of piezoelectric fiber technology will allow to develop new protocols and initiate research for promising next generation applications, such as cardiac care and orthopedic spine," Cashman said.