The moave coincides with the launch of the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Intubation Science.

The LightSpeed system has been developed to quickly and safely position endotracheal tube without losing control of the airway.

Its uni-body and side-loading design allows to displace soft tissues and enables doctors to facilitate airway placement quickly.

The system includes an optical stylet with a deflectable tip and steerable stylet, which will enable to navigate and visualize the anatomy across the procedure.

The optical stylet allows to directly visualize into the trachea, helping to confirm that the endotracheal tube clears the vital anatomy of the larynx.

The device also enables inflation cuff to correctly position between the larynx and the carina with precision. Its optical stylet functions as an ETT switch stick for ventilated patients who need a tube exchange.

Sanovas CEO and LSI's co-inventor Larry Gerrans said: "Intubation Science's LightSpeed Intubation System offers a new and improved approach to endotracheal intubation and is intended to make this procedure, safer, faster and easier to perform.

"There is a myriad of clinicians who have purview over airway management, from Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) to Anesthesiologists, and their skills and experience vary widely.”

LightSpeed intubation system co-designer Dr Chris Baker said: "Current systems can pose challenges to clinicians, especially during difficult cases, as they do not provide sufficient visualization of and navigation to the anatomy.”