The collaboration is initially aimed at enabling data sharing between Abbott’s solutions and Sanofi’s connected devices


Image: Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre technology will be combined with Sanofi’s smart pens, insulin titration apps and cloud software. Photo: Courtesy of Photo Mix from Pixabay.

French biopharmaceutical firm Sanofi and US-based medical devices firm Abbott have announced a partnership to integrate glucose sensing and insulin delivery technologies to help people with diabetes manage their condition.

Under the collaboration, the companies intend to develop tools, combining FreeStyle Libre technology with insulin dosing information for future smart pens, insulin titration apps and cloud software.

Sanofi global diabetes and cardiovascular franchise senior vice-president Gustavo Pesquin said: “For close to a century, Sanofi has been supporting those living with diabetes through our robust portfolio of medicines.

“This strategic relationship with Abbott is representative of the next evolution of our commitment for better diabetes care by incorporating digital tools into the daily life of people living with diabetes.”

Sanofi provides connected pens, apps and cloud software, compatible with the FreeStyle Libre system

The collaboration is initially aimed at enabling data sharing (with user consent) between Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre mobile app and cloud software, and Sanofi’s connected insulin pens, apps and cloud software under development.

The data sharing is expected to provide diabetes patients and their doctors with better-informed treatment decisions on medication, nutrition and lifestyle.

FreeStyle Libre is a sensor-based glucose monitoring system developed by Abbott to measure glucose levels through a sensor. The system is wearable on the back of the upper arm and eliminates the need for fingersticks.

In addition, the company offers FreeStyle LibreLink app that facilitates users to capture and view their real-time glucose levels, eight-hour glucose history, and view the changes in their glucose levels using their smartphone.

Furthermore, Abbott also provides LibreView, a secure cloud-based diabetes management system that manages reports from the FreeStyle Libre system, as well as LibreLinkUp, a diabetes remote monitoring app.

Abbott said that its FreeStyle Libre has secured partial or full reimbursement in 33 countries, including France, Ireland, Japan, the UK and the US.

Abbott diabetes care senior vice-president Jared Watkin said: “As the global leader in continuous glucose monitoring, we see a significant opportunity to impact the health of millions of people living with diabetes by developing new tools and connectivity with Sanofi, a leader in the insulin space.

“Diabetes can be overwhelming as it is an information-rich condition with various streams of data from multiple devices. Building a digital ecosystem around FreeStyle Libre simplifies the user experience by consolidating how people get their data – both through offering Abbott’s digital health tools and by working with other diabetes and technology leaders.”