The new RS85 Prestige ultrasound system has been designed to deliver better scanning performance


The RS85 Prestige ultrasound systems from Samsung. (Credit: Business Wire)

Samsung has expanded its ultrasound system portfolio with the introduction of new RS85 Prestige ultrasound system for advanced diagnostic applications.

Designed for enhanced scanning performance, the RS85 Prestige is said to offer consistent image clarity, depth of penetration and sensitivity to perfusion of blood flow.

The RS85 Prestige ultrasound system has been developed using Crystal Architecture to deliver improved image quality.

The new RS85 ultrasound system provides uniform and high-resolution images

The Crystal Architecture featured in the ultrasound system is said to combine advanced CrystalBeam, CrystalPure, refined CrystalPure image processing, and modern S-Vue Transducers to generate uniform and high-resolution images.

The RS85 Prestige system includes ShadowHDR to suppress shadows and improve the clarity of detailed grayscale images, while TAI and TSI features allow to deliver quantitative tissue attenuation measurement and tissue scatter distribution measurement to evaluate steatotic liver changes.

Its LumiFlow feature shows a 3D-like appearance with 2D colour Doppler to enhance the spatial comprehension of blood vessels and understand vessel boundaries.

The system is provided with MV-Flow advanced Doppler technology to offer detailed documentation of microvascular perfusion into tissues and organs.

In addition, the system’s S-Shearwave Imaging enables to evaluate stiffness for tissue/lesions in different applications such as breast, liver, MSK and prostate.

NeuroLogica, the healthcare subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, offers advanced imaging technologies and precise diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers.

NeuroLogica ultrasound senior director Dan Monaghan said: “Health systems are under increasing pressure to deliver high-quality care, and the RS85 Prestige is a perfect example of a technology that can help meet the high expectations of patients, providers and administrators.

“The combination of processing speed, leading software and Advanced Intelligence features and performance makes the RS85 Prestige a beneficial addition to a hospital’s radiology suite.”

In December 2019, Samsung unveiled new ultrasound, digital radiography, mobile computed tomography (CT) and software devices.