Samplify Systems, a provider of technology, semiconductors and sub-systems for the ultrasound market, and Telemed, a provider of PC-based ultrasound imaging systems, have entered into a strategic agreement to jointly develop and market an ultrasound platform for medical equipment OEMs.

The ultrasound development system will use Samplify’s complete front-end beamforming platform, based on its Autofocus beamforming technology, and Telemed’s image processing and configurable graphics user software interface.

The alliance provides ultrasound manufacturers worldwide with a complete hardware and software solution from development to production that brings advanced ultrasound machines to market.

With the agreement, Telemed will develop a system using Samplify’s AutoFocus beamforming technology and analog-front-end modules, thus expanding its long line of ultrasound machines.

Additionally, Telemed will become a preferred software partner providing its image processing SDK and integration services to customers of Samplify’s hardware beamforming development platform.

Telemed’s image processing SDK supports all imaging modes and enables the OEM to easily configure the look-and-feel to meet their user interface and workflow specifications.

Telemed CEO Dmitry Novikov said that Samplify’s AutoFocus beamforming development kit is an ideal platform to offer image processing software development kit (SDK).

"Samplify’s modular approach to the analog front end combined with the company’s advanced image processing software enables us to rapidly deliver production solutions to our customers," Novikov said.