Salient Surgical Technologies, a developer of advanced energy devices for use in surgical procedures, has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its AQUAMANTYS bipolar sealer for use in blunt dissection.

The new AQUAMANTYS device runs on bipolar technology platform that uses its proprietary TRANSCOLLATION technology to enable surgeons to prevent and stop bleeding of soft tissue and bone during surgery.

The new disposable sealer features cone-shaped electrodes that are designed to aid blunt dissection and provide hemostatic sealing across broad plains of tissue.

Medical College of Wisconsin Surgical Oncology chief Clark Gamblin said they have incorporated Salient’s technology into their practice as of a result it reduced blood loss and transfusion rates.

"The new AQUAMANTYS bipolar electrode provides a convenient means to achieve these clinical benefits during surgical oncology procedures, such as liver resections," Gamblin said.

The company also received Japanese regulatory approval and European CE mark clearance for marketing of the bipolar sealer device.