Since January 2012, Harter served as the Saladax’s interim CEO, while from 2007 to 2011 he served as executive chairman, where he led multiple, successful funding rounds and strategic deals for the company.

Harter also co-founded Keystone Medical Systems in 1990 and managed the company through growth until its acquisition by publicly-held Continental Medical Systems.

Harter also served at Pennsylvania Blue Shield organization, as technology vice president and has developed the electronic medical records and physician practice management.

Saladax Biomedical president and CEO Kevin Harter said given the caliber of the management team and compelling science behind Saladax’s technology, he is eager to work with this group that is having a real impact on patients.

"Healthcare is increasingly being enabled by information and Saladax’s assays provide patients, providers and pharmaceutical companies with answers to important questions about their care and their drugs," Harter added.

Saladax chairman Gregory Critchfield said,"We look forward to Saladax’s continued progress in financing its operations, commercializing its products and building strategic partnerships, as we achieve the company’s mission to personalize the approach to patients."