SafeShot Technologies has developed and filed patents on a new low dose version of its safety injection technology, the Epiphany Ultra, for safe injections in 1ml and lower volumes using the same simple, single-handed vacuum retraction technology used in its larger versions.

SafeShot claimed that Epiphany and now Epiphany Ultra are a full line of safe, compliant, simple and affordable technology that works equally well across the full spectrum of desired injection drug delivery needs, including pre-fills, clinical, home, consumer and immunisation/vaccination.

SafeShot CEO Robert Beart said that it was a huge milestone for their engineering team and company because of the precision required in designing an ‘Ultra Low Dose’ safety syringe that is as simple and affordable as the Epiphany Ultra.

“Epiphany Ultra completes the entire spectrum of safe, compliant injection drug delivery in all sizes while breaking the cost barriers that have prohibited healthcare facilities from adopting the safety technology for their facilities,” Beart said.

SafeShot said that its Epiphany Safety Syringe meets all 5 key factors to safe injection drug delivery.