RTI Biologics has introduced a new ready-to-use demineralized bone matrix (DBM) implant for use in sports medicine, orthopedic and spine surgeries.

The new biologic implant, BioReady DBM Putty and Putty with Chips, is a 100% allograft which retains its osteoinductive potential throughout its entire shelf life.

Sterilization of biologic allograft is performed through the Cancelle SP Demineralization Process and also a combination of oxidative treatments and acid or alcohol washes are used to remove cellular debris and inactivate pathogens.

RTI Biologics executive vice president and chief commercial officer Roger Rose said with the launch of BioReady DBM Putty, the company has extended its DBM portfolio which includes BioSet DBM Paste and BioAdapt Foam.

"This ready-to-use implant addresses a significant clinical need and ensures that we maximize every gift of donation received," Rose added.