The company has installed Avalon CL in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Currently, the hospital has six Avalon CL units.

Avalon CL’s cableless design allows mothers to move freely during labour and offers more flexibility with consistent monitoring ability.

The fetal monitoring solution features Smart Pulse technology, which automatically detects the coincidence between maternal pulse and fetal heart rate, even for twins and triplets.

Avalon CL offers coincidence detection, increased mobility and flexibility during labour and enhanced monitoring under water.

Philips noted that the system transmits fetal and maternal vital signs information to a monitor through the base station.

From base station, patient information can be transferred seamlessly to the Philips IntelliSpace Perinatal information management system, which tracks medical information across the obstetrical care continuum.

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Midwifery assistant divisional director Dawn Morrall said, "Our main aim is to deliver more choice for women in labour. We want to ensure that mothers-to-be and their babies benefit from the advantages of being mobile and upright in labour, while also providing the best possible birth experience."

Philips Healthcare UK Linda Woods said the cableless monitoring is part of the company’s focus on developmental care, which provides a holistic approach to caring for the individual mother and child across the continuum.

"Avalon CL also is an example of how we innovate, by deeply understanding the needs of our customers and their patients. To this end, we are excited to support the M.U.M. project, as we believe it will offer insights that will inform future innovations," Woods added.

Image: Royal Philips has installed six Avalon CL units in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Photo: courtesy of Royal Philips.