The cobas e 602 module uses Roche’s patented electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology and includes more than 50 assays on its initial test menu and offers a throughput of up to 170 immunoassay tests per hour.

The cobas e 602 module, when combined with the existing clinical chemistry modules (cobas c 701 module / cobas c 502 module), 10 configurations are available, which offer a throughput of 3,670 to 7,970 tests per hour.

The cobas e 602 module is also available in 4 immunoassay only configurations, which offer a throughput of 170 to 680 tests per hour.

Roche Diagnostics marketing vice president Randy Pritchard said that the cobas e 602 module completes their consolidated platform solution for high-volume labs by enabling them to integrate clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing on one system.

“The modular design gives them the freedom to design a system that meets their needs now and easily add individual modules as their testing needs change in the future,” Pritchard said.

Roche said that the labs will be able to combine the new immunoassay module with two existing clinical chemistry modules to create an integrated platform with 24 system configurations to match their specific testing needs.