Roche NimbleGen has introduced a new SeqCap RNA Target Enrichment System for RNA-Seq applications.

The system was developed to enable researchers to achieve enhanced discovery power and targeting efficiency of RNA-Seq.

Roche NimbleGen president Rebecca Selzer said: "This is another step towards our goal of providing a complete solution to basic, translational and clinical researchers.

"The SeqCap RNA products, together with the SeqCap EZ and Epi Systems, offer the genomics community comprehensive target enrichment tools for genomic DNA sequencing, bisulfite sequencing and transcriptome research."

RNA-Seq was mostly used to discover novel transcripts, splicing variants, exons and genes.

The SeqCap RNA System is said to increase RNA-Seq’s sensitivity to low-abundance transcripts without introducing any systematic bias, according to the company.

In addition, the system will allow researchers to focus on a subset of genes or transcripts with its targeting function, and it can replace some existing methods such as multiplexing qRT-PCR for RNA testing on gene panels.