Switzerland-based Roche has purchased primer extension based target enrichment (PETE) technology and patents applications from Abvitro.

As part of the agreement, the scientists from both companies will collaborate on the development and application of the technology.

Roche tissue diagnostics and the sequencing unit head Dan Zabrowski said the potential of this technology will allow the company to optimise sequencing portfolio to provide a full workflow solution for customers.

"Sequencing is transforming the understanding among researchers and clinicians of how genomics will impact health. We look forward to advancing this technology in order to streamline sequencing methods for easy-to-use clinical applications," Zabrowski added.

The PETE technology can be used to support next-generation sequencing directly from blood or other biological samples.

This technology will be integrated into Roche’s Sequencing Unit R&D pipeline, which will support the strategy to provide full next-generation sequencing workflow solution for clinical sequencing.

AbVitro president, CSO and founder Dr Francois Vigneault said: "We are excited by Roche’s acquisition of our primer extension based target enrichment and the prospect of continued collaboration to develop the technology further."