Robertson Global Health Solutions Corporation (RHSC) has launched its RHealth Advisor Mobile Web, which includes an electronic health record (EHR), a reference guide and health tips.

RHealth Advisor’s EHR allows users to track and store health record information including demographics, allergy history, disease history, immunizations, surgical history.

Its diagnostic application can be stored in the electronic health record and can be interfaced with any other existing EHR system, allowing total system integration, which aids in improving outcomes and individualized care.

The reference guide allows the user to look up diseases, symptoms, laboratory tests, interpretive tests, physical assessment findings and aids user to read more description about the term and a treatment recommendation for that disease or symptom.

Robertson Global Health Solutions founder and CEO Joel Robertson said the electronic health record data can then be tracked and analyzed for use in public health initiatives, recording outbreaks, and consolidating patient records from multiple clinics or treatment programs.