Radiologists at Riverain Medical, a provider of computer-aided detection (CAD) and advanced visualization technologies, have compared two versions of Riverain Medical’s computer-aided detection (CAD) technology, OnGuard 5.1 and OnGuard 1.0, and found that OnGuard 5.1 detects smaller lung nodules, including those that were primary lung cancer.

FDA approved OnGuard is an advanced computer-aided detection (CAD) technology that identifies areas on a chest X-ray that may be early-stage lung cancer.

FDA cleared SoftView technology uses advanced algorithms to suppress bone on X-rays, providing 40% greater visibility of the chest area, to improve the clarity of soft tissue, Riverain Medical said.

Riverain Medical chief technology officer Steve Worrell said initial results of the National Lung Screening Trial demonstrate for the first time that the early detection of lung cancer can save lives.

"We’re excited to play a key role in the early detection of lung cancer. OnGuard’s CAD markings give radiologists a second set of eyes, allowing radiologists to find cancerous nodules at their earliest and most treatable stage," Worrell said.