Part of the firm’s i2Dtx platform, the FDA-cleared device enables pediatricians and clinicians to accurately visualize heart sound, analyze for arrhythmia or murmur, and identify heart failure.

The i2Dtx is a portable and cloud-based medical device platform for heart, lung, vital signs, imaging and lab clinical assessments for any physical examination.

The platform comprises CardioSleeve and connected devices, including an otoscope, pulse ox, IR thermometer and blood pressure cuff. Its optional additions include a weight scale, spirometer, ultrasound, and blood glucose monitor.

CardioSleeve holds ECG capabilities to transform any existing stethoscope into a smart and mobile-connected device, offering 3-lead ECG, digital auscultation, and real-time digital analysis for pediatric care.

The device provides advanced murmur detection analysis through synchronizing digital heart sound with ECG, allowing in the diagnosis of pathological and physiological heart sounds in patients as young as infants, at heart rates up to 180 beats per minute.

CardioSleeve captures the digital acoustic and electric footprints of the heart and transmits them to a mobile device for real-time analysis, helping to create ejection fraction measure, systolic performance index, which is vital to identify heart failure.

Rijuven president and co-founder Dr Raj Kapoor said: "With CardioSleeve and the i2Dtx platform, Pediatricians now have the power of ECG right on the stethoscopes they already know and love.

"CardioSleeve makes existing stethoscopes smarter so they can do things an ordinary stethoscope can’t: visualize a heart murmur, quickly analyze heart rhythm, and identify heart failure, all while reducing costs and enhancing patient care."

Image: New Rijuven CardioSleeve for pediatrics. Photo: courtesy of Rijuven Corporation.