Includes sinuscopes, otoscopes, naso-pharyngoscopes, light sources, a camera and image processing system

Riester has launched a new range of rigid and flexible ENT endoscopes and accompanying accessories to the Indian market. The products were designed to meet the demands of ENT specialists and include sinuscopes, otoscopes, naso-pharyngoscopes, light sources and a camera and image processing system.

The endoscope range includes: sinuscopes, otoscopes, naso-pharyngoscopes, and laryngo-pharyngoscope.

Sinuscopes are available in 2.7mm and 4.0mm diameter and feature fibre optics to enable high resolution images that are HD ready. Options include 0° or 30° viewing direction with a standard or wide viewing angle. Xenon or LED illumination ensures image clarity for improved examination.

The otoscopes for ear diagnosis also feature optics and xenon or LED illumination, and their small dimensions ensure ease of use and patient comfort. The otoscopes are available with a 2.7mm diameter, 0° viewing direction and a wide angle view.

Flexible naso-pharyngoscopes have also been developed with high precision mechanical components in a sturdy casing. Fibre optic bundles facilitate quality images at 10 mega pixels. The working length is 300mm with a bendable distal end of 25mm and a viewing angle of 90°.

The standard laryngo-pharyngoscope has significant depth of focus and panoramic view whereas the tele-laryngo-pharyngoscope offers two different magnifications, a panoramic and detailed view, and an additional integrated air channel to avoid condensation.

Alternative handles for the endoscopes are available with lithium-ion and lithium batteries, making the instruments fully portable.

The camera system, ri-cam is a compact, user friendly 1CCD camera with integrated electronics for quality images. The ergonomic head and TV adapter have been designed to be used with sterile sheaths and gloves. Image data is transferred to the ri-capture smartbox that can be connected to a pc to process the image.

Used in conjunction with the ri-view software, images can be seen live and stored as single images. The ri-cam, ri-capture and ri-view together create an all-in one digital image processing system and ENT specialists have the choice of either viewing images via a video monitor or laptop.