Richard Wolf Medical Instruments has launched 5514 Endocam Performance HD at the American Urological Association 2012 Annual Meeting (AUA) in Atlanta, Georgia, US.

The 5514 Endocam Performance HD facilitates Obstetrics/ gynecologists, ENT, oncologists, spine surgeons to guide their office procedures with the imagery that was previously available in hospitals.

The Endocam features a touch button on the camera head which helps in recording full HD video (720p and 1080i), or stills and facilitates doctor to simplify and maintain patients electronic record for future details.

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments corporate director marketing Monica Sanders said, "With this camera, we are really empowering the physician — and the patient — at every level."

The company is planning to exhibit its 5514 Endocam Performance HD at AUA until 23 May 2012.