Revolutions Medical Corporation (Revolutions Medical), has redesigned its Rev Vac safety syringe by reducing the product's part count by nearly 30%. The company has cleared the remaining economic hurdles to mass production and commercial launch. The Rev Vac safety syringe has been approved by FDA.

In this simple but bold redesign we not only made the final strides toward a market-ready product but have ensured a cost benchmark that will be difficult to compete with as well, stated Revolutions Medical chief executive officer Ron Wheet. By reducing the Rev Vac’s part count we have accomplished two vital goals, first, fewer parts simplifies the manufacturing process, slicing our upfront capital required and second, the Rev Vac syringe performs even better than it did previously, and we have further reduced the variability of this already dependable product. This redesign places the Rev Vac safety syringe in a highly desirable competitive position, and the benefits of this design improvement will extend to our entire product line of safety syringes.

This final milestone puts us firmly on pace to achieve our intended Q4 ’09 mass market launch.