MedPro Associates has entered into a marketing agreement to expand the US sales of Revolutions Medical's safety blood drawing device.

By using a patented technology, the RevVac vacuum auto-retractable safety syringe creates vacuum which causes the needle to retract into the barrel of the syringe or device after an injection is administered or blood is drawn.

Under the agreement, MedPro will provide regional field sales representatives across the continental US and will initially focus on sales and distribution within the long-term care segment of the medical industry.

Revolutions Medical chief executive officer and chairman Ron Wheet said MedPro, who represents some of the premier manufacturers in the US, can provide market penetration of the RevVac safety syringe domestically.

"We are pleased that this distinguished sales and marketing group with decades of experience, sees the value and benefits of our product, and has agreed to make the RevVacâ„¢ safety syringe available to their customers," Wheet added.

"We are extremely excited with the addition of our new partner Revolutions Medical to the MedPro family of manufacturers."

MedPro Associates president and CEO Manny Losada said, "We expect a successful launch campaign and believe increased incremental market share is possible with this next generation of syringe technology."