Revolutions Medical is set to donate its RevVac auto retractable safety syringes to the Israeli Izhar Project.

The Izhar Project which was initiated in 2003 aims to eliminate the re-use of contaminated needles, and ensuring their safe disposal.

Revolutions Medical CEO and chairman Ron Wheet said not only will their RevVac safety syringes decrease accidental needle sticks, but once the safety mechanism is activated, the syringes cannot be reused.

"This will limit exposure to contaminated needles and reduce hazardous disposable waste costs," Wheet said.

Revolutions Medical Israel distributor CeifiT president Aviv Oreg said the enthusiasm regarding the RevVac safety syringe pilot program is tremendous and the desire of Revolutions Medical to help Israel reduce the spread of HIV, Hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis and other diseases will greatly benefit all parties involved.