This new patent allows twenty-two claims surrounding the company’s Micro Vascular Plug (MVP) technology platform.

The Reverse Medical MVP represents a proprietary technology designed specifically for vascular embolization. A number of clinical applications require occlusion of the vasculature to rapidly, effectively and safely provide blood flow cessation, including presentations of trauma, hemorrhage, tumor and vascular malformation isolations.

Physicians have traditionally used embolic coils for vascular embolization, often requiring numerous costly implants, extensive endovascular lab time and considerable fluoroscopic radiation exposure to both the patient and the treating medical staff.

The Reverse Medical MVP represents a breakthrough technology that rapidly occludes target blood vessels, most often with only one single implant. Furthermore, the MVP is uniquely deliverable through traditional microcatheters, allowing the physician to super-selectively perform rapid vascular embolization at the target vessel location.

The MVP technology platform will be offered in a variety of sizes to treat all areas of the body’s peripheral vasculature.

This newly issued patent builds upon Reverse Medical’s intellectual property portfolio, which now includes six issued patents and thirteen additional pending patent applications worldwide.

Reverse Medical chief technology officer Brian Strauss said: "This patent solidifies our intellectual property foundation of unique means for performing endovascular embolization and, along with our other issued patents and pending applications, provides us with broad protection for our innovative portfolio of devices for treating a variety of Neuro and Peripheral vascular conditions."