Jury directed OMI to pay $1,57m to Retractable for infringement and $2.24m in damages

Retractable Technologies (Retractable) has reported that a Tyler, Texas jury returned a verdict in the litigation of Retractable vs. Occupational & Medical Innovations (OMI), in favor of Retractable on all claims presented to the jury.

The jury found that OMI’s Auto-Retractable Safety Syringe infringed all the asserted claims under patent 6572584 (the 584 patent). OMI was directed to pay Retractable $1571103 for such infringement and found that Retractable’s 584 patent is valid and enforceable. In addition, the jury found that OMI misappropriated trade secret information and was directed to pay Retractable $2240640 in damages.

Retractable will seek the entry of an immediate injunction against any further infringement. Issuance of an injunction is a matter for the Court but the company is informed by counsel that all relevant legal factors weigh in favor of injunctive relief in this case.

Retractable manufactures and markets safety medical products, principally VanishPoint automated retraction safety syringes and blood collection devices that virtually eliminate healthcare worker exposure to accidental needlestick injuries.