The International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that BMC’s masks listed below infringe ResMed’s patents, and entered an order prohibiting BMC from importing, advertising, or selling these masks in the US.

The masks include iVolve nasal mask, iVolve N2 nasal mask, Willow nasal pillows mask and iVolve full face mask.

"Changing lives with every breath is the foundation of ResMed’s business. That focus drives our patient-centric approach to research and development. It’s why our products are the highest quality and the most comfortable, and it’s why we vigorously protect our patent portfolio," said David Pendarvis, ResMed chief administrative officer and global general counsel.

"We are pleased the court has validated ResMed’s intellectual property rights protecting those valuable innovations for the benefit of patients."

In its ruling, the ITC also sustained a BMC challenge to the one patent that ResMed asserted in this case against the BMC humidifier.

ResMed will appeal the ITC’s order on that patent and is considering further actions. ResMed has a portfolio of more than 5000 patents, pending patent applications and protected designs on flow generators, humidifiers and masks relating to CPAP therapy.

ResMed changes lives by developing, manufacturing and distributing medical equipment for treating, diagnosing, and managing sleep-disordered breathing, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other chronic diseases.