RepRegen, the ‘smart biomaterials’ company, has presented three and six-month data from an in vivo study of its CE-marked StronBone bone graft substitute with Strontium.

The data demonstrated that it can generate bone quality in, and around, bone defects that is superior to a standard bone void filler (TCP-CaSO4) in the control defect by analytical testing.

The bone in the defect was stiffer and denser at 3 months compared to the control study and at 6 months it was 62% denser in the StronBone bone graft than in the control.

The study further demonstrated that the amount of soft tissue in the defect at 3 months and 6 months was lower in the StronBone bone graft compared to the control.

RepRegen said that the study demonstrated that StronBone Bone Graft Substitute results in rapid regeneration of high-quality bone and slower resorbtion of bone in-vivo and this combined affect that makes StronBone Bone Graft Substitute perform so well.

RepRegen CEO Ian Brown said that their platform is designed to dramatically upgrade the repair and regeneration of hard tissue such as bone and they intend to begin commercializing the first product from our hard tissue platform this year.