RenovaCare, Inc. is developing new generation autologous stem cell therapies for the regeneration of human organs and tissues


RenovaCare Awarded New Patents for SkinGun™: Ultra-Gentle Cell Spray Technology. (Credit: RenovaCare, Inc.)

RenovaCare, Inc. (Symbol: RCAR;, developer of patented technologies for spraying self-donated stem cells for the regeneration of skin and other organs and tissues, today announced the issuance of two new patents encompassing improvements to the SkinGun™, expanding its potential application beyond the surgical setting into the field, and allowing the use of liquid suspension solutions to include drugs, hormones, and other useful agents. These new patents demonstrate RenovaCare’s commitment to developing new products and expanding its proprietary cell spray technology platforms.

Robin A. Robinson, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer commented, “RenovaCare is leading the development of regenerative medical spray cell therapies with our novel CellMist™ System and SkinGun™ platform technologies. Our newest patents broaden the potential use of our novel SkinGun™ to spray an array of drugs, hormones, medical solutions and other agents. Further, these patented inventions enable the SkinGun™ spray device to be used outside of a surgical setting in out-patient clinics and field settings like emergency situations. The disposable components and an impervious contamination barrier create a sterile environment for the patient and SkinGun™ components.”

“The RenovaCare SkinGun™ was designed to provide a non-invasive gentle spray for expedited burn wound healing. The newly-awarded patents may expand the SkinGun’s potential use to benefit a wider population,” stated Alan L. Rubino, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.   “While our team remains focused on advancing our core cell spray therapies through the FDA regulatory pathway, I am enthusiastic about the expanded commercial opportunities and meaningful strategic business alliances that our new patents may foster with potential partner companies.”

The RenovaCare patent portfolio is comprised of eight patent families spanning the United States, Europe, and Asia. Already successfully defended, the Company has issued patents extending to 2037. Issued patents include cell isolation techniques for skin and other tissues and a cell spray gun that is highly effective in spraying different types of biologically compatible liquids and cell suspensions of all types. RenovaCare owns all technology developed and under development and has not in-licensed any technology.

Source: Company Press Release